Youth Massage Therapy in Westminster, CO

Massage therapy isn’t just for adults and athletes, regardless of an individual’s age, they can benefit from a therapeutic massage. A massage therapy session is designed to help kids deal with sports injuries and or ease tension, stress, anxiety, and hyperactivity. If you believe that your child could benefit from a professionally conducted massage, reach out to our Westminster office today.

Massage Therapy for Growing Westminster Kids

In growing kids, a massage can alleviate pain from growth spurts and add oxygen to the muscles while they develop. This improves the elasticity of a muscle for better flexibility. Massages also help prevent future injuries as well as promote healing. As an added bonus, massage therapy also promotes the healing process for child athletes. If your child often complains about muscle soreness or tension, consider inquiring with our therapists regarding a youth massage.

Westminster’s Massage for Kids

Massages for kids can help children in a variety of ways. With the typical diet of current American children, it’s often that their energy levels will go up and down in drastic spikes. Since massages improve blood flow, they allow a steadier flow of blood, and therefore oxygen, to the brain. As a result, this improved blood flow to the brain bolsters mental clarity as well as energy level stability, which can be incredibly beneficial for children with anxiety or ADHD. To see what massage can do for your child, contact Self Endearment today!

Youth Massage Westminster’s Young Athletes and Scholastic Champions

Between hours of sports and schooling each week, much of today's youth live lives that are incredibly taxing, both mentally and physically. To keep stress at bay, we suggest setting up an appointment for a youth massage. This routine will keep the muscles feeling relaxed, preventing the early muscular deterioration that often comes with a rigorous schedule of classes and extracurricular activities. Keep your kid feeling their best by reach out to Self Endearment for a youth massage today! For safety reasons, we ask that a parent or guardian be present during the entire session as well.

Call Westminster’s Premier Massage Spa

Self Endearment is a Westminster area massage spa that offers a variety of massage styles to suit your needs and yield maximum benefits. Whether you are looking to target specific problem areas or melt away the stress of everyday life, there is a massage for you. Contact Self Endearment of Westminster today to discover another level of relaxation.