Thai Massage Therapy in Westminster, CO

Thai massage is unlike any other western massage method. Originating in Thailand, hence the name,  this approach utilizes assisted yoga positions, acupressure and more in order to instill individuals with a greater sense of well-being. Thai massages are a very minimal, involving no oils, lotions, or the removal of one’s clothing, mostly consisting of a combination of muscle rubbing and body contortion to provide relief to a variety of physical ailments.

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A Thai massage is very different than any of its western counterparts. Western massage therapy methods typically involve tools while Thai massages don’t require any. The Thai method is inspired by yoga and Buddhism, so it uses the natural movements of the body for tension relief, also employing acupressure techniques in order to accurately address any degree of muscle tension. See if this type of precision is right for you by calling Self Endearment.

Methods of Thai Massage of Westminster

A Thai massage is best for those hard to reach spots that are too difficult to stretch out on your own. During a Thai massage, your joints will be used in a bending motion to position the muscles with precision. For other areas of the body, the massage therapist will weigh on you to distribute body weight amongst your muscles, helping spread them widely to allow for blood flow. This method can be extremely beneficial for certain types of pain and muscle knots. If you need help deciding whether or not the Thai method of massage is best for you, reach out Self Endearment today.

Benefits From Thai Massage Therapy in Westminster

Thai approach to massage therapy can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. This method can extend your range of motion and flexibility with routine use. The movements can also reduce muscle pain and spasticity while simultaneous stimulating circulation. Thai massages prove the most useful when a muscle has been strained from bad stretching or thrown out joints. Whether that means you’re a seasoned yogi looking to deepen some stretches, an athlete, or inactive individuals who is hoping to improve your range of motion, a Thai massage can be incredibly useful. Call us at Self Endearment Westminster today so if a Thai massage therapy is right for you.

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