Relaxation Massage Therapy in Westminster, CO

The professional therapists at Self Endearment in Westminster are knowledgeable, nurturing, calm and caring. We work with many clients in the Westminster community who are dealing with chronic pain, immobilizing health issues and extreme stress and we are able to effectively relieve their symptoms through therapies like relaxation massages. Our primary goal as massage therapists is to contribute to our clients’ well-being and healing of both their mind and body. Our relaxation massage therapy sessions alleviate pain and give you a chance to let go of the stress of daily life. Contact us to discuss how relaxation massage can contribute to your overall health.

Healthy Living for Westminster Residents Through Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massages are a full body massage that uses gentle techniques with smooth movements to help you increase circulation, improve flexibility and reduce tension. Gentle pressure has been proven to stimulate the nervous system, resulting in the brain releasing endorphins that act as natural painkillers. Relaxation also stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system so your blood pressure will decrease, and your heart rate will lower while your circulation and lymphatic system are stimulated to detox your body. Cognition and mood are also improved, so each session helps you clear your mind to focus on living life to the fullest.

Self Endearment of Westminster’s Path to a Calmer Life

The therapists at Self Endearment in Westminster encourage incorporating regular massages into your schedule to calm your mind, heal your body and feed your soul. We begin relaxation massage therapy sessions with a consultation to assess your immediate needs, concerns and stress level. We then perform whole-body treatment that uses mild pressure and the techniques of traditional Swedish massages to help you relax, and even potentially fall asleep. These luxurious sessions can last from 30 to 90 minutes depending on your needs.

Experienced Relaxation Massage Professionals in Westminster

The team at Westminster’s Self Endearment has spent more than a decade studying the benefits of relaxation on the body and mind in order to provide our clients with the nothing but the best experience. We focus on light pressure and a slower process during relaxation massage therapy rather than the more rigorous techniques and deep tissue work that are part of other massage therapies. Our goal with this therapy is to provide you with a relaxing break from stress. We want you to enjoy an improved state of mind with a sense of calm following each session.

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Self Endearment in Westminster offers a variety of massage styles to suit your needs and provide maximum benefits and relaxation. Whether you are looking to target specific problem areas or melt away the stress of everyday life, there is a massage for you. Contact Self Endearment today to discover another level of relaxation.