Joint Mobilization Massage Therapy in Westminster, CO

Self Endearment of Westminster takes a hands-on approach to assisting clients in their journey toward total body wellness. Using targeted massage therapy services like joint mobilization massage, Self Endearment’s professionally trained therapists use the power of touch to relieve emotional and physical stress, promote personal growth and improve wellbeing. Joint mobilization involves stabilizing one bone at a joint and mobilizing the adjacent bone in order to increase the flexibility of the ligaments and deep musculature surrounding each bone. The process is completed extremely slowly in order to maintain a relaxing, pain free environment. Contact the team at Westminster’s Self Endearment to discuss the many benefits of joint mobilization and how it will complement your wellness plan.

Total Wellness with Joint Mobilization Massage in Westminster

Through joint massages, Westminster’s Self Endearment therapists are able to not only loosen tight groups of muscles, but all of the soft tissue that may have become tight and painful over time. Tendons, ligaments and joint capsules can lose their flexibility, creating tight muscles. Regular massages may alleviate stiff muscles, but it doesn’t treat the connective tissue that accompanies it. Decreased joint motion will eventually constrict the surrounding muscles again. Joint mobilization involves slowly yet precisely manipulating bones, loosening deep tissue and improving range of motion so deep tissue and muscles stay limber and you remain pain free.

The Self Endearment Path to Joint Health for Westminster Residents

At Self Endearment, we recognize a healthy body is a product of a holistic approach, so we recommend joint mobilization massages in conjunction with other treatments like deep tissue and relaxation massages. While we treat the muscles specifically with those therapies, we focus on the deep fascia during joint massage. Through smooth yet targeted motions, we stretch the joint capsules to increase both your range of motion and improve mobility, a trickle-down effect that will also improve muscle flexibility.

Westminster’s Joint Massage Experts

At Self Endearment, we’re not only massage therapists we’re joint therapists. Owner Amanda Farrell has worked to help people live pain free since 2004. During that time, she has collected a team of compassionate professionals dedicated to educating their clients, providing the best care and creating a relaxing environment. Today, we offer the Westminster community a wide range of massage therapy services using approaches that are tailored to each individual client. We’ve studied physiology and have developed a deep understanding of the intricacies related to joint mobility and muscle health.

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Self Endearment is a Westminster area massage studio that offers a variety of massage services to suit your needs as well as yield maximum benefits and relaxation. Whether you are looking to target specific problem areas or melt away the stress of everyday life, there is a massage for you. Contact Self Endearment Massage today to discover another level of relaxation.