Deep Tissue Massage Therapy in Westminster, CO

Deep tissue massages connect to the deeper layers of flesh and fascia in two different ways. Sometimes this technique calls for deep pressure in specific areas. A deep tissue massage can also refer to the sustained low pressure addressing the fascia build up, which is ideal for those who suffer from old injuries or chronic pain to promote the body’s natural healing process. To figure out which option would be best for you and how deep tissue massages can help you feel better, give us a call today at Self Endearment of Westminster.

The Differences in Massage Therapy That We Provide to Westminster

Several things separate a deep tissue massage from average massage therapy services. Unlike other common massages, a deep tissue massage aims for the depths of muscles. Instead of circular motions, deep tissue massages use different techniques including cross-fiber strokes, anchor and stretch for length and many others to achieve maximum pain relief, recovery and relaxation. To determine the best way to address your pain, consult the therapists at Self Endearment today.

Deep Tissue Massage Techniques in Westminster

There are several different techniques that can be employed throughout a deep tissue massage session. One of those methods is cross-fiber friction. This technique does not use any oils as friction is necessary for it to be performed properly. Another method we are proud to offer is the active release technique. Occasionally referred to as ART, this method uses the examination of the client to apply coordinated pressure to the particular points. Another technique we employ is the muscle energy technique, and it is often used in sport-related injuries. MET has been especially proven to help elongate postural muscles that are normally prone to shrinking. To determine which methods used in a deep tissue massage would benefit you, give us a call at Self Endearment of Westminster today.

Providing Westminster with Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

There is a multitude of benefits associated with deep tissue massage therapy. These benefits include stress relief, rehabilitating injured muscles, breaking up scar tissue, improving blood pressure, and most importantly helping reduce chronic pain. To feel the effects of these benefits in your life regularly, contact a therapist at Self Endearment today!

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Self Endearment is a Westminster area massage studio that offers a variety of massage services to suit your needs as well as yield maximum benefits and relaxation. Whether you are looking to target specific problem areas or melt away the stress of everyday life, there is a massage for you. Contact Self Endearment today to discover another level of relaxation.