Mark Foley

Mark’s biggest focus in training clients is safety and reducing pain during the session and in the long-term. Pain is one of the biggest problems in staying consistent with any exercise routine. Teaching how one should exercise to prevent injuries and to minimize any pain is what makes him wake up in the morning. If people aren’t living their best life, he wants to help with that.

The best thing in having a healthy body is finding a healthy life style that you can do consistently and that will yield great joy and benefits.

Mark has an exercise background in Obstacle Course Races, gymnastics, acrobatics, parkour, and powerlifting. He enjoys outdoor adventures, games of any sort, reading, and Batman!

Corrective Exercise is exercise that focuses on posture, proper biomechanics of the joints, and injuries to reduce pain and increase the health of joints. After a thorough screening we will work to find out what is causing the issue and then use exercise to restore your body to a more advantageous position. This is amazing to minimize pain, improve breathing, and increase strength.

The prices for one hour is $75.

The price for each half of an hour is $50

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