Beau Laurence

I could list all the techniques I use, my passion for neuroscience and how that translates into results, or how much I love what I do. But what you really want to know is: Can I help you feel & function better? Yes, I can. I listen (because you are the expert on your body.) I ask questions (because my job is to figure out why you have pain there or have trouble doing that.) I see my role as a coach in your healing process. I am here to guide you toward a healthier, happier life, and to restore & reinforce your agency in your own body. My goal is to help you function better tomorrow, not just feel better today. Originally from Boston, my health care career began there in the late 1980s. I spent more than 15 years as a paramedic, working in settings as diverse as inner-city Baltimore and Alaska’s isolated Kenai Peninsula. Wanting a less stressful life, but still in direct patient care, I earned degrees in both athletic training and massage therapy, so that I could blend the best of both as a medical massage therapist. My education included sports massage therapy, neuromuscular therapy, rehabilitative exercise, manual scar release, Kinesiotaping, and structural integration, as well as techniques with more gentle manipulation like manual lymphatic drainage, Trauma Touch, and dermo neuromodulation.

Since becoming an LMT in 2013, my work has helped individuals with issues as varied as acute ankle sprains, whiplash, ACL reconstruction, trans-tibial amputations, chronic migraines, chemotherapy treatment, and assault healing.

I spend my time outside of work running, winter hiking & camping, raising backyard chickens, soaking in hot springs, practicing archery, and reading clinical research articles. I moved to Colorado because of the incredible outdoor activities. My attitude is that the only limitation to anyone’s lifestyle should be desire; if your body is letting you down, let’s work together to fix that.

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